Coming from the DOE, I have to say that I have been extremely impressed with the experience I have had here at Alphabetland Waipahu…the warm, friendly & helpful staff, the professionalism of daily operations, the clean & organized facilities, excellent curriculum including fun & educational field trips, but most importantly the patient & nurturing way your teachers lovingly educate our young keiki. I truly feel blessed that my son has had the opportunity to attend this outstanding institution this School Year.

Mrs. C Leister

C. Makashima
Alphabetland alumni & parent

As a former student and parent of 3 Alphabetland graduates, I highly recommend Alphabetland Preschool. Alphabetland provided a solid foundation for my children, which helped them to start kindergarten with ease. The caring, knowledgeable and seasoned staff made it easy for my children to transition from “grandma’s house” to the “school environment,” so much so that my children often did not want to leave each day.

The hot meals served daily and sack lunches provided for all field trips made life so much easier for me as a parent of 3. The early habits of eating a nutritious meal have helped form what their eating habits are today. All 3 of my children agree that Alphabetland lunches were the best they ever had.

After graduation, each one of them decided that they would rather stay at Alphabetland than go to kindergarten. They had a wonderful introduction to school through Alphabetland and will always remember the experiences and relationships they formed there.

I have been a preschool teacher for the past forty (40) years. Thirty seven of those years have been with Alphabetland Preschool.

When my three daughters were ready for school, I brought them to Alphabetland without any hesitance. I knew they would be in a nurturing environment with a caring staff. Alphabetland offers an excellent academic program.

Twenty five (25) years have gone by since my youngest daughter left Alphabetland, but I still believe we have an outstanding school. Today, two of my daughters are successful businesswomen and the other is an educator. Alphabetland gave them a strong foundation, upon which they have built their lives.

Sincerely, S. Higashi
Alphabetland Waipahu Head Teacher

E. and N. Takai
Alphabetland parents

Alphabetland Preschool met all of our expectations of academic and social preparedness for our four (4) children and grandchildren. We return their aloha and give thanks to a capable Alphabetland staff. This is a reflection of their loyalty and commitment to a preschool environment filled with love and respect. Today and future generations will benefit from this foundation.

Alphabetland is the beginning of your child’s educational journey. Our preschool provides a well-rounded curriculum and preparation for success in kindergarten.

You can trust Alphabetland’s caring staff to nurture and provide a positive learning environment. We enjoy being a part of your child’s preschool experience.

D. Au
Alphabetland Newtown Head Teacher

M. Lau
Alphabetland Pearl City Head Teacher

We want to engage your child in a stimulating and fun learning experience that will help him/her grow socially, as well as academically in a safe and caring environment.