Our Programs

All teachers and aides are certified by the state of Hawaii to teach and work with young children.  At Alphabetland, we follow the Hawai’i Early Learning and Development Standards (HELDS) which are a set of research-based standards that identify expectations of knowledge and behavior for children ages 2-Pre-K.  Our Program provides a strong learning foundation that includes social-emotional development, language development, motor development, literacy, and general knowledge which includes creative arts, social studies, community & culture, math and science.  Your child will be exposed to multi-sensory instruction (auditory, visual, kinesthetic, tactile, etc.), hands-on learning (manipulating objects), critical thinks (learning to think for themselves), co-operative learning (working in small groups) and differentiated instruction (meeting students’ needs through flexible grouping, learning styles and academic strengths).

Programs We Provide

Alphabetland will use both its own teacher-created curriculum and the “Just for Two” program for the two-year-olds. Together, they are specifically planned to meet their developmental needs. Two-year-olds need consistency, warmth, lots of care and much verbalizing from supportive adults. Monthly thematic units make this an exciting and complete program.

Two-Year-Old Program Two-Year-Old Program